My house in Bangalore is one of our biggest investment yet. However, this investment has never given me a sleepless nights because I know i can trust this is well taken care of by your team at Total Home Secure. I have enjoyed very high level of customer service every time.

Plot / Site Monitoring

Plots and Sites Monitoring in Bangalore and Mysore

Real estate being one of the best options for investment, , most of us dream of purchasing sites for the guaranteed returns to make our future secure. The best sites for investment are often located away from the residential area. So naturally, one of the biggest concern you as the buyer will have is how to protect your property without your physical presence? The distance makes it difficult to either maintain the plot or even visit it occasionally. In addition, the difficulties involved in managing a site are many.

Is your land Safe?

  • Encroachment
  • Misuse of the site
  • Dangers of the plot getting into litigation
  • Defaulting on the Tax payments
  • Use of property for personal business
  • Littering
  • Wild weed growth on the site

It is not easy for the buyer to manage a site especially when he is away from the location. Total Home Secure understands how important this investment is for you and takes care of it on their behalf as their own.

Our Deliverables:

Legal Assistance:
Our experienced lawyers will take care of all the required legalities involved. This includes the Encumbrance Certificate at the beginning or end of the contract period, regular updation of legal document and if needed, we evaluate your property every year if requested by you.

Tax Assistance:
Payment of taxes can prove to be a tedious process. We will closely monitor and check the tax dues and assist you thorough out the payment process.

Periodic Property Visits:
As a part of your package with us, we do regular site visits to check if everything is ok. We offer a minimum of 12 visits / year. On every visit, we create a maintenance report which will be sent across to you regularly. In addition to this, we will also update you with photographs and a 360 degrees video of your site. You will be able to access all this information through our website. One of our special services includes a live feed video of your site via Skype once in three months.

Cleaning Work:
We will inform you in case any cleaning work is needed to be done at your site. With your consent, we will hire workers to clean it under our thorough supervision till completion. In addition to this we will provide you digital photos / videos of the work progressively. Note: Cleaning Labour fees will be billed extra.

Fencing / Compounding Boundaries:
To make your investment safer we advise our members to fence or construct a compound around the site. We will get this done under our supervision from a reputed vendor. Charges on this will be as per actuals.