My house in Bangalore is one of our biggest investment yet. However, this investment has never given me a sleepless nights because I know i can trust this is well taken care of by your team at Total Home Secure. I have enjoyed very high level of customer service every time.

Vacant House Monitoring

Vacant House Monitoring in Bangalore and Mysore

Unlike other assets owned by you, a home becomes a part of the family and holds a lot of sentimental value. But sometimes, work commitments or personal circumstances force you to relocate out of your home, leaving your home unattended will feel like leaving a family member behind. Taking care of your vacant home becomes a difficult task leading to dependency on friends and relatives to manage the place. This may lead to a few issues like:

  1. Illegal use of the property
  2. Damage to the property and fixtures
  3. Misuse of property
  4. Untimely payment of bills and taxes
  5. Estranged relationships due to dependency on friends and relatives
  6. Un-kept gardens and lawns

We understand how special a home can be to one self and we at Total Home Secure will maintain your home just the way you would.

Our Deliverables

Once you become a member with THS, the first thing we will do is prepare a inventory report of your property listing the various fittings and fixtures within your property premises. The report will be shared and shall be accessible to you anytime you want.

Periodic Property Visits:
We understand the importance of visiting your property periodically. We do these visits regularly once in 30 days (12 visits / year). During these visits, complete check of the house will be done for damages, leakages, etc. The windows will be opened to ensure fresh air movements to avoid any kind of moisture getting accumulated. In addition to this, we will also update you with photographs and 360 degrees video of your site on every visit You will be able to access all this information through our website. One of our special services is that we provide a live feed video of your site via Skype once in three months. In addition, we will also send our representative on behalf of you, to attend association meetings if needed.

Repair Works:
We supervise any kind of repair work that needs to be done in your property, and keep you updated on the progress. With your consent on the contractors from our network, we will start the work and supervise it thoroughly until the work is completed. We will update you regularly with digital photos / videos of the work in progress until it is completed.

Property Maintenance:
As per your request, we also take up the task to clean up the site so that it looks well maintained and presentable.

Short- term House Management Service:
Are you planning for a holiday or short term relocation and the thought of your home is stopping you THS also takes up short term House Management services for limited period up to 6 months.