My house in Bangalore is one of our biggest investment yet. However, this investment has never given me a sleepless nights because I know i can trust this is well taken care of by your team at Total Home Secure. I have enjoyed very high level of customer service every time.

About us

Total Home Secure is a leading provider of Property Management Services based in Bangalore.

Our passionate and dedicated team constantly strives in understanding your needs and is always thinking of better ways to take care of you and your property.

THS comprises a diverse and professional team of enthusiastic and engaged staff that manages all aspects of property buying in turn helping you achieve your financial goal. We negotiate and evaluate any kind of property located in any part.

All these services bank upon our Wide range of trusted, reliable team who deliver a high standard of quality work for our customers.

No matter you are experienced or a beginner THS will help you realize the potential in your property to create a problem free and stable investment.
Our team at THS is highly experience and you can be rest assured that your property is in the safest possible hands.

We strongly believe in establishing successful working relationships with all of our members and guide them at every step in property management.
At THS we pride ourselves in treating your property with the same respect as you do.