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  • We ensure to guide you at every step in today’s challenging market making your experience with Real estate investments a smooth and pleasant one

  • We ensure to guide you at every step in today’s challenging market making your experience with Real estate investments a smooth and pleasant one

Tenancy Management in Bangalore

Investment gurus often say “make your money work for you”. The same goes for your property. So when you have an apartment/villa, which you are not using, it’s always better to rent it out. Finding good tenants who will, not only match your rent expectations but also maintain your home as theirs is quite an uphill task. Choose the wrong tenant, you may lose your money along with your peace of mind! more...

Plot / Site Monitoring in Bangalore

Real estate being one of the best options for investment, , most of us dream of purchasing sites for the guaranteed returns to make our future secure. The best sites for investment are often located away from the residential area. So naturally, one of the biggest concern you as the buyer will have is how to protect your property without your physical presence? The distance makes it difficult to either maintain the plot or even visit it occasionally. In addition, the difficulties involved in managing a site are many.
Is your land Safe? more...

Land Monitoring in Bangalore

Land is not only one of the best and safest investment options but also holds a sentimental value for many. This high emotional value attached to the land often raises many concerns to the owners of the land when they are away from it. There many difficulties involved in managing a vacant land some of which are more...

Vacant House Monitoring in Bangalore

Unlike other assets owned by you, a home becomes a part of the family and holds a lot of sentimental value. But sometimes, work commitments or personal circumstances force you to relocate out of your home, leaving your home unattended will feel like leaving a family member behind. Taking care of your vacant home becomes a difficult task leading to dependency on friends and relatives to manage the place. This may lead to a few issues like: more...

Buying assistance in Bangalore

All of us at a certain point in time have dreamt of owning a property. However the fear of facing tedious legalities, endless paper work ending up with a property in litigation is part of the property buying experience. Whenever one tries to own or buy a property they face the following challenges as: more...

Selling assistance in Bangalore

Selling a property is as challenging as buying a property if not more and Total Home Secure understands the stakes involved and the financial impact caused through the sale. Similar to buying, selling a property also involves a lot of legalities and endless paperwork some of which are: more...

Real Estate Investments in Bangalore

Are you looking forward to invest in a land or a plot? Then your search ends here. We at Total Home Secure in addition to our wide range of Real estate services we also act as property consultants to our clients managing their real estate portfolio. We understand the problems faced by you as an investor while searching for the right property to invest. more...